What is Sales Promotion?

What is sales promotion1

If you are looking for ways to boost your sales or achieve the organization’s goal, a sales promotion can be a good strategy. So, what is sales promotion? Sales promotions are a great solution for selling out of old inventory or launching innovative or new products. You have to review different types of sales promotion to determine which one would work effectively within your own company.

What is Sales Promotion?

A sales promotion is a marketing strategy that usually involves offering a short-term incentive to increase brand awareness and create more sales for a particular product or service. Typically, most companies adopt this type of strategy to introduce new products to attract new customers, temporarily increase sales, and improve the existing inventory to their targeted demographic.

What is sales promotion 1

Advantages of sales promotions

A company should not only know what is sales promotion but also understand the primary advantages of sales promotions which include the following:

  1. Increases sales – Sales promotions make it easier for the company to increase the sales rapidly profits and also increases traction making new customers to try a new product for a short span of time.
  2. Reduces expenses – launching a sales promotion can help your company reduce expenses or costs by reducing the inventory costs that have been incurred so far.
  3. Encourages customers to experience a new brand – Sales promotion encourages new customers to switch brands and the existing customers to try different ones from the one they may have purchased on previous occasions. This will help increase brand awareness and eventually lead to more sales.
  4. Create market for new products – At times it is hard to establish a market or create demand for a new product in a market of similar products. In such cases, the company uses sales promotion strategies as a great way to increase the sales such as penetration pricing, providing offers and discounts and following the scarcity principle.
  5. Gain dealers’ trust – Sales promotion techniques not only increase the sales of the products but also increases dealers’ income and results in them preferring the brand more.
  6. Increase the goodwill – Sales promotions can increase a company’s goodwill to gain a good reputation in the competitive market. They can also set a trademark for the company name and products in the mind of consumers, to further increase the goodwill.
  7. Gain a competitive advantage – A great way to compete with other companies who offer competitive pricing on similar products can be the sales promotion without any doubt. Using temporary sales promotion techniques can aid in competing with competitor’s short term marketing strategies.
  8. Woo existing customers – Sales promotion is also used in tackling the poaching strategies of competitors and keep the existing customers on hold with the brand.
What Is Sales Promotion

What is sales promotion tips to run a company successfully?

Here are some of the tips you may want to consider after knowing what is sales promotion as part of your own marketing efforts:

Targeting the right audience

The best way to make use of the sales promotion is to target your offers with an exact right demographic. To accomplish this, firstly a survey of your own audience has to be done. Consider offering an incentive to encourage them for a prompt response. Once you fully understand the target audience, you can focus on your sales promotion for the audience who are most likely to purchase from your brand.

Limiting availability

Research shows that when an item is scarce when you get to know what is sales promotion, consumers will assign a greater value to it. You can use this as an advantage to make your promotion available for a very short period of time or limit the number of available offers. Consumers will be likely to take action and purchase more quickly after knowing the importance of what is sales promotion to avoid missing the opportunity.

Reviewing the results

After your sales promotion gets over, it is vital to take some time to review the results. Try to evaluate whether you targeted the right demographics for the sale and whether you should implement new strategies to make your next promotion more successful.

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