What Is Sales Promoter

sales promoter

A sales promoter is an employee of an organization responsible for generating better sales figures.  Typically, the sales promoters act as middle customers as they work to solicit potential new clients. A sales promoter helps in meeting the marketing goals of the company by carrying out tactical aspects of a marketing strategy to achieve the KPIs.

Sales Promoter Responsibilities

  • Expand the brand visibility and work towards its increased advertising and popularity.
  • Bridge the gap between the customer and management. Strengthen the marketing strategies in a practical manner uncovering new insights about the customers.
  • Develop holistic long-term goals and lead the organization towards meeting them in the long run.
  • Horses for courses – A sales promoter hires or recruits sales personnel that can work towards reaching the goals.
  • Nurture the leads and convince the prospects about the product’s caliber.
  • Represent the company in sales events, and promotions, and work along with the marketing team for increased exposure.
  • Close deals and responsible for account management or managing various contract terms with clients.
  • Meeting daily targets and submitting sales reports.
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders.
  • Searching for new business opportunities.

Sales Promoter Activities

  • At the retail stores, a sales promoter can be a brand ambassador enhancing the brand image and targeting high-value customers.
  • Attract new customers at trade and networking events.
  • Setup special booths, promotional stands, and stock products.
  • Demonstrate products using interactive content such as videos, charts, slideshows, etc.

sales promoter

Top Skills

  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sales Targets
  • Promotional Sales

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