Sales Outsourcing India

ZingPro’s Sales Outsourcing India services are offered to startups and other companies. Our experienced sales team act as your extended team responsible for all operations associated with sales activities that start from product/service training to closing deals. “We grow with you”, a major chunk of our remuneration is linked to the actual sales achieved for you. We will act as an internal sales team would, using your business cards, email addresses and CRM system to build a sales pipeline. Sales do not happen without a steady stream of qualified prospects.

Our sales and marketing team work together to buiding the brand awareness. Importantly, the goal of the marketing team is to generate qualified prospects for the sales team.

sales Outsourcing india

Sales Outsourcing

We also recruit sales personnel with specific background for each sales campaign

Sales Outsourcing India Startups:

Sales and Marketing at startup companies are different from a fully operated company. The urgent for sales is crucial, and in most cases even critical to be able to show their investors the ability to take their new technology to the market, and further to increase the value of the company. 

Most of the Startup companies have a limited budget for Sales and Marketing, with few personals doing all the task. Consequently, as part of the sales outsourcing service, ZingPro provides a highly-professional team, who will become your business development team.

Is Your Business Ready For Sales Outsourcing?

For sales outsourcing to work effectively for your business, you need to make sure that your business is ready for sales outsourcing. Normally, there are two stages in the sales process. Sales exploration and sales execution. Since nobody knows your business better than you, we recommend that you carry out the sales exploration. ZingPro with its experienced sales team works with you in the sales execution. Finally, to determine whether your business is ready, check out this post.