The Pre-Market Entry service is usually offered to global companies interested in Indian market and is 12 months during which our goal is to establish a revenue stream from India to support an investment to the region, and hand the business over to your internal team in the end of the engagement. ZingPro ensures clients’ new product offers to customers greater value than alternative offerings. We are closely connected with our regional markets. Local experience and connections, sector insight and experience are shared to give a comprehensive perspective.

The pre-market entry service can be customised based on your requirements.

Trade shows and conferences representation, Meet stakeholders

30 Days

Partner search and management, Negotiate terms, POC

60 Days

Determine market potential for a specific product/service

90 Days

All-Inclusive 12-month service:

We provide our client with an experienced India sales team. We will act as an internal sales team would, using your business cards, email addresses and CRM system to build sales pipeline either via direct or channel sales or both, depending on the strategy we have chosen with you. The sales team will be backed by our digital marketing team, who works with our clients in the early phase to create a quality content and localise it, to generate quality leads.