Mystery Shopping India

Mystery shopping audit is used to measure the quality of service or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The audit yields better results when done by third-party companies as the establishment would not be aware of the product/service being evaluated.

At Zingpro Consulting, we have the means to oversee research happening in every part of India, overcoming the cultural and language differences. We eliminate the hassles of our clients to deal with multiple agencies. We implement the cutting-edge data collection techniques to funnel both physical and digital into a single actionable report. Zingpro Consulting’s nationwide network allows us to quickly mobilize research teams of any size in any city in India, keeping costs down by selecting researchers that match the demands of the investigation.

Zingpro Consulting uses various mystery shopping methodologies in India. Our methodologies are reexamined every time to see if there’s a way we can fine-tune it for specific needs.

  • Having a custom-built team of investigators tailored specifically to the demands of the investigation
  • Pan-India coverage. Deployment of mystery shoppers in Tier-1, Tier-2, or Tier-3 cities across India
  • Mystery phone calls under the guise of a customer, a potential partner or a journalist
  • Qualitative interviews with vendors and customers
  • Photographic and quantitative data gathering, descriptions of storefront conditions, and access to store records

Mystery Shopping Benefits

Mystery shopping audits help corporates in evaluating the sales teams, customer service teams, product quality, and service quality. Looking through the eyes of your customer, the mystery audits identify specific areas of improvement. The criteria measured include employee attitude, skills, and overall image of your company. ZingPro audit covers will enable the organizations to,

  • Bring new sales
  • Newer customer insights
  • Enhance brand recall value
  • Fine-tune customer retention strategy
  • Increase the product/service quality

Mystery Shopping Types

  • Shopper Visit:  Mystery shoppers visit your location(s) as scheduled and perform as a normal customer. Shoppers can make inquires, purchases about your products/services, place orders, return items purchased previously, check facilities, audit procedures, etc.Mystery shopping audit methodology
  • Shopper Phone Call:  Mystery shoppers call your location(s) as any customer would. Calls will be recorded. We also deploy international mystery callers for the audit.
  • Online Chat Report: Shoppers visit your website to place an order, browse services, submit questions, evaluate the ease of use, etc., in order to test your staff’s response time and quality. The audit can be carried out in regional languages too.
  • Social Media Report:  Mystery shoppers visit your social media pages to comment or raise a query to test your staff’s response time and quality. The audit can be carried out in multi-languages.
  • Competitor Shopper Report:  Done by either telephone call or visit, a competitor report requires a shopper to call/visit the specified competitor location to evaluate their facility, service quality, pricing, inventory, etc.

Mystery shoppers – Selection Criteria

To be effective, mystery shoppers need to be good at some different things. Mystery shopping in India isn’t an ideal strategy for everyone, but for our clients that choose this service, we make sure they receive the best experience possible. Having said that, there are many skills and characteristics we look for when recruiting our mystery shoppers:

  • Excellent communication Skills
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Detail-oriented
  • Creative and quick on their feet
  • Amiable nature
  • Have 2-3 hours available
  • Good memory

Store-Checks in India

Zingpro Consulting can conduct store-checks in India with our partners. It helps in getting in-depth knowledge by identifying products with visuals, the number of prospects/customers, and the visuals on the Point of Sales (POS). The store checks can help a brand, business, or retailer get up to date information from different outlets. With our pan-India presence, we can always keep you up-to-date. Your regional managers can trace and validate the findings using a smartphone app.