Marketing outsourcing

Marketing outsourcing service covers all the bases for your business. Zingpro’s years of experience in marketing gives you the organization an edge over the competitors. From running online & offline campaigns to converting the leads into prospects, Zingpro marketing outsourcing service provides you all that is necessary to run your marketing campaigns and derive results.

Marketing is important to sustain the growth of your business. The goal of marketing is to generate quality leads, which isn’t easy for businesses. Many in-house marketing departments do not have the bandwidth to handle marketing activities by themselves.

Marketing-Outsourcing-How-it-worksMarketing Outsourcing- How it works?

First, we take the load off from you, so it becomes easier for you to focus on your strengths such as sales, delivery, etc. The marketing outsourcing cost is definitely lower than that of deploying your own marketing team. We have access to cutting-technology, advanced marketing techniques, and specialized talents, ensuring you a better business performance and a high added value. Marketing outsourcing service gives your organization an opportunity to join hands with a team of experts that adapts to the needs and demands of each business, ensuring a successful future for your business.


Zingpro’s Marketing outsourcing service follows the following methodology.

  1. Problem definition. Analyze the requirements.
  2. Planning. Define the action strategy.
  3. Implementation. Estimate the return.
  4. Monitoring. Crack the value proposition.
  5. Evolution. Meet the objectives and future strategy.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Experts ensure leads are informed already and have been nurtured through to the decision stage

Lead Nurturing allows for the systematic tracking of lead engagements with your content and site, and accurate pinpointing of that lead’s stage in the sales cycle. That means you can drip feed appropriate content at the right time – leads are never forgotten and opportunities never missed. The lead nurturing is an important process of the marketing strategy as we offer as part of the marketing outsourcing service.

Our lead generation process to drive both inbound and outbound leads.

Prospect List creation

The creation of the target prospect list (with verified emails addresses and phone numbers) is the key factor in creating a successful business development program. The prospect list will be developed from variety of sources such as inbound leads, specific target companies, past clients and relationships, companies in the news, and industry research

Website Management

We will  create and/or update your website(s) using the WordPress content management system, including the incorporation of custom themes, widgets, and plugins. A well-maintained website attracts new customers and maintains the interest levels of existing customers, leading to inbound leads


We will build with you a strategic plan for a short and long terms ow to improve your awareness of the Search Engine and by that to generate more inbound leads. Still about 85% of the engagements are made through Search Engine

Social Media Management

A central channel to create awareness and build your companys’ network. However, it takes time! Our main focus will be on marketing trends, promoting your services/features/solutions, and company’s news and case study

Targeted cold calling/emails

The salesperson’s mission of engaging with decision-makers at target prospect companies has not changed but the tools for engagement have evolved significantly over the last several years ago. We as a savvy sales organisation will use the new tools and methods to engage prospects and differentiate ourselves from the competition

Paid Digital Ads

Digital Media buying. Promotion through channels such as mobile apps, online videos, social media platforms, and Web TVs etc