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Demand generation is critical to success of a business and execution strategy. A foremost and important part of execution phase is generating demand gor your products or services. The biggest challenges for business is taking the brand beyond your first circle of contacts and create demand from unknown audiences.

Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation

While demand generation has a lot in common with lead generation, the demand generation strategy spans multiple touchpoints just about anything your brand does to drive awareness and interest in your product or service.

Demand generation services helps to identify potential prospects and nurture them so that the sales team receives qualified, high-quality, leads. On the other hand, the lead generation process stops at identifying the right audiences with the contact information such as email and phone numbers.

The Three Pillars of Demand Generation

The demand generation process broadly includes building awareness, generating interest in the product or service, and finally, conversion of leads into buyers. 

Demand Generation - Customer Journey B2C

1. Building Awareness

The first step of demand generation and marketing funnel is same i.e., about making potential customers aware of your brand. The outbound lead generation activities such as cold calls, cold emails, and paid ads etc., would be the first step in building your marketing funnel. For cold calls and cold emails, you will need to have target audiences’ email ID and phone numbers. Here are some sales prospecting techniques to generate leads.

If you dont have in-house marketing team, you could outsource lead generation process. The major challenge is identifying the decision maker or individuals who have or may have the purchasing capacity to buy your product or service. Are you a start-up contemplating whether your brand is ready for outsourced sales and marketing?

The inbound lead generation takes time to generate organic leads, typically happens via SEO, Social media, referrals etc.,

2. Nurturing and Follow-ups

Let’s talk some reality. If you are into B2B industry, you will require somewhere between 8 to 15 in-touchs with prospect to close the deal. An in-touch could be a phone call, email communication, LinkedIn message, WhatsApp text etc.,

A CRM tool is a must to manage all your business activities combined with automated and manual process. Certain in-touch activities such as email follow-ups, LinkedIn message could be automated. On the other hand, meeting and persuading a prospect is a manual process.

If you don’t have in-house sales team, this process could be outsourced to sales outsourcing companies that helps in nuturing leads and fixing appointments. The challenge is reaching out to your leads with the right content at the right time in the right form. Understand the buyer persona and map their preferences, and creating right content.

Demand generation - Customer value to business

3. Closures and Revenue Generation

The process of converting leads into buyers depends not only on the value offered but also on the relationship that may continue into the future. It takes a dedicated team that works in cohesion with all stakeholders in the value chain.

Closing deals is an art that provides an opportunity to learn from your own mistakes and device improved strategy for the future. While it is important to know what works, it is equally important to know what doesn’t to develop a sustainable business. Are you a SaaS company, then here are some insights about Saas marketing strategy.

No matter how great your idea is, the success depends on the team work and execution. Zingpro Consulting has a solid ground experience in the Indian market, helping your brand in setting up a lead generating marketing funnel and revenue generating sales funnel.


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