B2B Lead Generation Service & Appointment Setting

For the B2B lead generation service and appointment setting, Zingpro works with companies across stages and across industries. The process of building a B2B lead generation strategy is a big undertaking, and your time is better spent closing deals. In most cases, the gap between the customers your business needs and the leads your team is prospecting drains the company’s ROI. So why not outsource the lead generation part to experts and let us handle the nitty-gritty?

B2B Lead Generation Service – How It Works?

At Zingpro consulting, the B2B lead generation service is a 100% transparent process and we work closely with our clients to meet the objectives and derive results. The process starts with the prospect profiling, where we look at a variety of factors when developing the prospect profiles including some key characteristics of decision-makers and influencers.

When creating the prospect profiles, we will work with the clients to get deeper insights. Zingpro Consulting will require the client’s answer for the following questions,

  • The type of past or existing customer profiles that the client has been successful with and why?
  • Does the client have a priority over any geographic market?
  • Any preferred industry that the client wants to target?
  • Target company size in terms of revenue, employees, or other criteria?
  • Title and job responsibility of the decision-makers?
  • Other criteria to be considered in particular to the client’s industry and market?

The next step is the creation of the target prospect list, which plays a key factor in creating a successful campaign. After the first step of prospect profiling, the next step is about developing a list of prospects that meet the client’s parameters. For this target prospect list, Zingpro will secure the contact information such as email address and phone number. Zingpro provides a well-researched verified list of prospects that could be used by the client for the email campaigns, micro-targeting, and phone calls, etc. Zingpro Consulting closely monitors the responses of these campaigns and track data points.

B2B Lead Generation Service – Lead Sources

Inbound Leads.  This includes leads from the client web site and other sources of inbound inquiries such as Google AdWords, trade shows, conferences, blogs, et al.  Zingpro Consulting will review leads from these campaigns and determine which leads should be followed up immediately by the client’s sales team and which require further qualification and nurturing by Zingpro Consulting.

Specific Target Companies.  Zingpro Consulting will work with the client to target its dream companies and develop specific strategies to engage with the prospects.

Past Clients and Relationships. Zingpro consultants have decades of experience having worked across industries and positions.  In reality, the individuals move from company to company and a Sales Manager at a former client could now be a decision-maker at a new company. Zingpro Consulting will research these relationships to find untapped relationships that can lead to new business.

Companies in the News.  Zingpro will identify prospects that may have immediate needs based on news reports such as new acquisitions, new funding, new corporate hires, etc.

Industry based List.  Zingpro will work with clients to purchase specific lists (if more cost-efficient). Zingpro also has many internal lists that we share them with our clients.

B2B Lead Generation Service – What makes us special?

(1) Outsmart the competitors and establish our client as an expert in their particular specialty

(2) Focus on the value that our client will bring to the prospect

Our years of experience have taught us that a softer, relationship-based selling approach is the key to success. In most organizations, the decision-making process is often fragmented between different departments and executives. Large professional service contracts involving technological solutions typically have long sales cycles and involve several demonstrations, RFI’s, RFP’s, and established relationships with key decision-makers.

We understand that it is Zingpro’s responsibility to assist our clients to develop new relationships and rekindle old relationships based on the key attributes of professionalism, knowledge, and trust.

Appointment Setting

Zingpro Consulting’s B2B appointment setting lets you outsource the menial yet necessary steps of the typical lead generation process. Spending ample time to the right B2B sales leads is absolutely essential to closing those big deals. But to be able to do that, someone needs to first go through time-consuming, frustrating pre-qualifying activities.

Let Zingpro take care of the B2B lists and let your B2B sales team get back to focusing on the hotter opportunities. We prospect. You close. Created for your unique value proposition, Zingpro’s B2B appointment setting solution commonly consists of a fully-trained, dedicated team, vested in delivering you only sales qualified leads. You focus on closing the deals. With Zingpro’s quality-controlled and confirmed appointments, your team will benefit from improved performance. We’ve got this.